Event held on July 09

DIY Roman Shield Workshop for Kids (7-13 Years)

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM


Gloria Exercitus! Spend a day in the life of a Roman legionnaire in this unique Sydney school holidays workshop. In this full-day workshop, which requires no prior skills or knowledge, kids will build a camp with their fellow legionnaires. They will pay heed to their Legatus (Commanding Officer) David Harrington as he describes the expansion and history of the Roman Empire. Kids will then craft their own shield, pilum (javelin) and gladius (sword) and then decorate completely to their liking. Once their shields are designed and created, kids will learn the complex art of military formation and Ancient Roman combat skills. This workshop is perfect if you're searching for fun things to do with kids in Sydney. They will take home their very own handmade shield and weapon, newfound knowledge and skills, friends and of course some awesome memories from the day too. Entry Cost All tickets $100