Event held on September 26

AirBee N Bee - Honey & Hive

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Event runs from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Weekly on Sunday, until 29/05/2022


Honey is a remarkable food, medicine and ingredient. The taste, viscosity, colour and aromas are linked directly to the floral sources available to the bees. In this gourmet food tour, you will join a local food and wine enthusiast, beekeeper and bon vivant on a honey tasting, overview of the lifecycle of a colony and then suit up and visit a beehive! The honey tasting provides a unique insight into the different tastes and textures that the bees make as they forage on different flowering plants at various stages in their flowering. You will taste ten different kinds of honey in this unusual event with highly distinctive colour, aroma, flavour and viscosity—all of this alongside leaf tea or plunger coffee and freshly baked scones. After the tasting, we “suit up”, light a smoker and visit the bees. During winter (April - September), they don't open the hives but get up close to observe the bees coming and going and view them through specially designed glass hive windows. Their behaviours are fascinating as they bring in pollen, defend against wasps and head out using their internal GPS to the nearest flowering plants. By building their knowledge of these important pollinators, they are helping build a sustainable future for the bees and all of us. Entry Cost All tickets $90 - Ticket price varies slightly due to seasons. Children's ticket prices are the same as adults due to the safety equipment and insurance required. Not suitable for 10 years and under.