Event held on June 18

Feast of the Beast

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Event runs from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Celebrate the end of Winter and welcome Spring at their annual Feast of the Beast so get your outfit ready for a night in the forest. They weave in Pagan, Celtic and Nordic celebrations into their own local Highland dinner with spit roasts, roaring fires and mulled wine. Expect a Highland Burn Ceremony to say thanks to nature and ask for a good harvest in Spring. The menu is designed around a whole beast cooked slowly with fire so get ready for a seasonal culinary adventure with local wines, storytelling, fire-side music and revelry as we bring to life our own local Highland ritual. Expect a forest feast with Celtic, Nordic and Highland history, woven in. Rug up for dinner cooked by fire to warm your heart, music and tales told by creatives as the days shorten and nights grow cold and misty. Prizes for ‘Best in Feast’ attire so get your costume ready. This is a kid-friendly event. Feast of the Beast is part of the Highland Harvest Feast Series. They work with local producers and farmers and only serve free-range pigs and lambs who have lived a full life on local properties where sustainable and ethical farming is practised. Entry Cost All tickets $50 - General Admission is AUD100 for adults and AUD50 for kids from two - twelve years. Your ticket entitles you a three course feasting menu and includes a beverage per person. Or, they have four premium table offers with full butler/serf service for AUD195 per person including GST.