Event held on June 19


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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM


The long-awaited GODZILLA V HUMAN tour from Australia’s most successful musical duo, The Veronicas, will treat audiences to a unique experience as you’re taken aboard a flight simulation on Veronicas Airlines before the concert splits into two parts, providing a special performance that showcases the two very different sides of the sisters. GODZILLA will be a high energy introduction into the alter ego of the pop stars, The Veronicas, and HUMAN will see Lisa and Jess strip it all back to their more vulnerable singer/songwriter roots. The duality of the show promises fans uniquely intimate access into the journey of becoming one of Australia - and the world’s - most commanding pop stars. The tour will feature all the fan favourites from across The Veronicas’ catalogue as well as new music from their upcoming surprise two-album release GODZILLA and HUMAN. Similar to the tour, their highly anticipated new studio albums highlight two different sides of the infamous twins with GODZILLA released on Friday, May 28 followed by HUMAN on Friday, July 2. The two new albums and national concert tour mark the next chapter in an extraordinary alternative pop career, throughout which The Veronicas have cemented their place as bona fide pop icons. Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most dynamic and re-inventive faces of pop music.