Event held on September 04

Writing History - Writers in Conversation

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Event runs from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Writing History in association with the LORE exhibition  History is a living narrative; but how can we write history, when it slips, hides and changes? How do we fill its gaps, what happens when we can’t, and how does the writing of it change our lives?    Hayley Scrivenor with Betty O’Neil and Miriam Hetchman   Betty O’Neill is the author of The Other Side Of Absence. She has a Doctorate in Creative Arts and is a university Lecturer in Creative Intelligence and Innovation. She wrote her doctoral thesis on her quest to understand her father, a World War II Polish resistance fighter who survived four years of imprisonment in Auschwitz and Gusen.  Miriam Hechtman is an Australian writer, creative producer and poet.  For several years, she partnered with award winning UK photographer Harry Borden to produce the book Survivor – A Portrait of the Survivors of the Holocaust (Hachette/Octopus).