Event held on December 11

Natural Skincare Professional Formulation Class

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Begin your natural skincare journey with Botanix in this relaxing Brisbane workshop. During this class, you will be introduced to natural skincare by Natalia, our integrative pharmacist, holistic health and wellness professional and organic skincare formulator. Making skincare is so much fun and fun can only multiply if shared! That’s why we run workshops to share with you what we know, the ingredients we use, and the work behind Botanix. Nature has amazing properties to offer to our skincare, haircare, makeup and perfumes. Nature also has wonderful properties to offer for our wellness and holistic health. A rose flower, for example, may contain over 500 different, natural chemical compounds. It would be almost impossible for a combination of synthetic ingredients to replicate such a complex and rich symphony. During this skincare class, you’ll be given your own set of tools and equipment, ingredients, and instructions to create your own skincare products. Entry Cost All tickets $115