Event held on October 16

Worm Farming and Composting at Home with Brian Donaldson

Provided by: Northey Street City Farm

Event runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
To Be Held At

Northey Street City Farm

Address: Northey Street, Windsor QLD 4030

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About the Event


Are you sick of putting food and garden waste into landfill?  You may want to learn how to generate a beneficial soil conditioner for your garden from your waste.

Worm Farming & Composting reduces household waste and helps gardens to thrive.  This course will be of interest to keen gardeners, who want to recycle their waste into a beneficial soil conditioner containing plant available nutrients and several naturally occurring plant rooting & growth hormones.

Join commercial worm farmer Brian Donaldson in this half day workshop, as he shares his practical knowledge, tips and tricks for setting up your own safe and efficient worm farm and compost heap at home, and shows you how to avoid some of the common mistakes people make.

This Workshop Includes:

-All students receive access to the Virtual Student’s Handbook page – a paper and resource saving collection of all the info sheets from the Workshop. Over 70 pages of info all in one handy place.

-Included is a tour of the composting & worm farming facilities at Northey Street.

-Brian teaches how to make several worm farm types with materials you may already have at home, or be able to gain for free from the waste stream and how to avoid common mistakes with them.

-We will also briefly study making aerated castings tea and easier liquid applications such as non-aerated castings tea, castings water extracts and weed teas (anaerobic teas.).


Bookings HERE.   $60/$45 Healthcare Card Holder plus Eventbrite booking fee