Event held on November 18

Mental Health Psychology - Cherbourg

Provided by: Cherbourg Hospital and Community Health

All Day
Monthly on the third Thursday, until 18/11/2021
To Be Held At

Cherbourg Hospital and Community Health

Cherbourg Hospital & Community Health

Address: Fisher Street, Cherbourg QLD 4605

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About the Event


A psychologist is someone who you can talk to and who will listen and provide advice.

  • The Doctor will talk with you for a while to see how you are feeling, and likely ask you some questions like—Have you thought about harming yourself? Or do you ever feel like there is no point living anymore? They ask because they care about you, and want the best for your health and wellbeing
  • You will then fill out a form that will ask questions about how you have been feeling and coping in the last two weeks
  • The form will assess your level of stress, anxiety, and depression

You and your GP will come up with a plan to help with your health and wellbeing – it will include a referral to the Psychologist, and if you are taking medication for your mental health, you can also ask for a referral to talk to a Psychiatrist (specialist in mental health medication).

Services are delivered in a culturally appropriate way for First Nations peoples.