Event held on November 28

Deadly Ears - Doomadgee

Provided by: Children's Health Queensland Hospital And Health Service

All Day
Daily, until 30/11/2022
To Be Held At

Doomadgee Community Health Building

Address: Sharpe Street, Doomadgee QLD 4830

Appointments available.

About the Event

Appointment Required.

Referral required.

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Room confirmed on the 31.8.2021. Four Rooms booked


Our services include:

  • Working in 11 partner locations across rural and remote Queensland where we deliver frontline clinical services and build local capacity;
  • Coordinating policy and practice changes across the health, early childhood and education sectors;
  • Delivering workforce training and professional development for healthcare professionals and educators; and
  • Undertaking research to improve the prevention, treatment and management of middle ear disease and its impacts on early childhood development.

The Deadly Ears Program consists of four teams:

  • The Primary Health Team – which provides training and professional development, and sector-level support to healthcare professionals and service providers.
  • The Allied Health Team – which provides audiology, speech pathology and occupational therapy services and support to children and families as well as to allied health, early years and education professionals and services to identify and manage hearing loss and other impacts associated with middle ear disease.
  • The Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Outreach Team – which provides specialist outreach ENT clinics and surgeries for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children with otitis media and associated conductive hearing loss.
  • The Administration Team – which provides support to the other teams so they can do their work.