Event held on December 02

TS Tyalgum - Unit Parade Night

Provided by: Australian Navy Cadets - TS Tyalgum

Event runs from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Weekly on Thursday, until 2/12/2021
To Be Held At

Australian Navy Cadets - TS Tyalgum

Address: 42 Commercial Drive, Ashmore QLD 4214

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About the Event


Training Ship Tyalgum welcomes interested youth aged between 13 and 18 to consider joining the Australian Navy Cadets.

Established in 1956, our unit has developed young leaders to follow careers in both defence and also private industry.

The ANC’s vision is to provide an environment and opportunities to develop young Australians (13-17 years) to become capable, confident and resilient members of their communities.

This is done through delivering safe, challenging and meaningful experiences

Our mission is to help young Australians to develop those qualities which will allow them to grow into citizens who contribute effectively and positively to our society.

Among these qualities are:

  • leadership;
  • self-reliance, self-confidence;
  • the ability to work in teams;
  • acceptance of responsibility; and
  • a sense of community.

We choose to achieve these aims by providing safe, stimulating, rewarding, challenging and relevant activities in a maritime environment.

Navy Cadets is also recognised by the community as a leading youth organisation, who are well supported by the Navy.

Being a Navy Cadet also provides great opportunities to make new friends, be part of a team that values you and to experience new, exciting challenges that develop your potential as a leader.

Some examples of the program will teach Cadets to sail, become qualified to operate a powerboat, learn navigation and seamanship and gain skills in everything from cooking, rifle shooting and many other exciting activities.

Navy Cadets also plays a fulfilling part in the life of many of its Instructors. The Instructors are the real centre of gravity for the Cadet program by leading, managing, motivating and training the Cadets. They are essential to the effective and safe delivery of the program.

If you are passionate about providing young men and women the opportunity to develop their confidence, leadership and team-building skills that will prepare them to manage the challenges we all experience in adulthood, then this is your chance to contribute!

Navy Cadet Instructors are volunteers drawn from the community with a keen interest in working with and developing the youth of Australia.

Just add water for some challenging fun, excitement and mateship!