Event held on January 11

Rheumatology (Arthritis) Clinic - Mount Isa - Telehealth

Provided by: Townsville University Hospital

All Day
Every 2 weeks on Tuesday, until 13/12/2022
To Be Held At

Mt Isa Hospital

Mount Isa Hospital

Address: 30 Camooweal Street, Mt Isa QLD 4825

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About the Event

Appointment Required.


Townsville University Hospital provides a Rheumatology (Arthritis) Clinic to residents at Mount Isa.

Rheumatology, or arthritis, is the name of a group of conditions that affect the body's joints. The word ‘arthritis’ literally means 'inflammation of the joint’.

There are over 100 conditions grouped under the umbrella term ‘arthritis’, so it is really important to first of all get the right diagnosis.

Each type of arthritis affects you and your joints in different ways. But, most people with arthritis feel symptoms in the joints, muscles, and other soft tissues around the joints. They can experience:

  • Pain or tenderness in joint/s
  • Joint stiffness
  • Warmth and/or redness in joint/s
  • Difficulty using or moving a joint normally.

To access this service, please see your GP (doctor) for a referral.

Telehealth assists patients and facilitates appointments with GPs or Specialists in other locations via videoconference or teleconference.