About Service Linker

This is a premium membership feature. 

What is Service Linker?

Service Linker is an online attendance register developed for people accessing community services with the goal of “better outcomes”. If service visits can be viewed by others, it provides the client with control over their support. This assists both clients and organisations in their conversations about what assistance someone is receiving.  This can help everyone, both clients and organisational staff, to get the best individual outcome without wasting extra time and effort.

How does it work?

When a client visits a service provider, Service Linker uses a fast login process based on information that is easy to answer. Service Linker can be used like a regular sign in book or fire register.

With no password, username, or pin, sign in is easier and more consistent, providing an accurate history of service use.


Personal Device

Personal devices can be used to create a more personal connection and allow clients to log in at any service they would like to share.

What happens to the information?

The information is stored safely in an online database using industry standard security and encryption. De-identified information can be accessed across a region.

Organisation staff members can only view client visits to other organisations with client consent.


As an attendance tool across locations, the information can be downloaded in several formats. Depending on your software, integration options may be available. Details are available upon request.

Benefits to the Client

  1. Simplifies mandatory sign in to community programs
  2. Keeps an accurate record of service use history
  3. Improvements can be made to services based on client feedback and patterns of usage
  4. Community service agencies can collaborate to improve service consistency and client access

Benefits to the Organisation

  1. Know and understand attendance and patterns
    • Cost-benefit
    • Value for money
    • Which services are being used together
  2. Live mapping to establish factors of success
  3. View longitudinal change by tracking trends over time
  4. Client-centred evaluation of services through tailored follow-up questions such as:
    • Client satisfaction
    • Accessibility of service
    • Transport issues    


To find out more about how Service Linker can be added as a feature to your My Community Directory Membership, contact 1300 762 515 or email [email protected].