Centrelink is an Australian Government agency responsible for delivering a wide range of services and unemployment benefits to Australians who find themselves on a low income or without an income.


Centrelink Contact Details:

- Carers enquiring about Carer Payments or Carer Allowance contact 132 717.

- Families enquiring about Family Tax Benefits, Child Care Benefits, Parenting Payments, Double Orphan Pensions or Baby Bounus contact 136 150

- People with a disability enquiring about Disbaility Support Pension, Mobility Allowance or Sickness Allowance please contact 132 717

- Older Australians enquiring about Age Pension, Beravement Assistance, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Pensioner Concession Cards, Widow B Pension or Wife Pension contact 132 300

- Students &Trainees enquiring about AUstudy, Low Income Health Care Card, Pensioner Education Supplement or Youth Allowance contact 132 490


By contacting any of Centrelinks phone numbers you will be able to overcome any issues you are having with a Centrelink Services. The contacts listed above are all avaliable during 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.


Centrelink Delivers payments & services and provides services at times of major change for:

- Seniors

- Job Seekers

- Students and Trainees

- Families

- Carers

- Parents

- People with a Disability

- Indigenous Australians, and

- People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


If you require further information or are looking for a different Centrelink contact please view http://www.humanservices.gov.au/