Meet the Team

Meet Hallie and Edith, who are on our friendly help desk team and who you may have spoken to if you've ever needed help!

We've asked them some questions about what a day in the life looks like on the Help Desk.

What does a day in the life look like?


  • Challenging

  • Progressive

  • Fun


A day in the life of Admin, can be very busy answering phones which can include: helping people with their enquiries, assisting them with how to use the platform, updating their listing for them, adding events or teaching them how to do so. Replying to emails with similar enquiries or recommendations for updated information on a listing.

Actions: Such as Email bounces, Unlogged in users, Broken links, re directing links, location approvals ect, which is all valuable to making sure the data we have on My Community Directory is up to date and accurate.

What is most satisfying about working on the Help Desk?


I feel satisfied finishing each and every of my working week feeling positive about the support and help that I provided in keeping our customers/clients happy and satisfied and giving them a piece of mind that they can always rely on the MCD Helpdesk Team with whatever there enquiries, problems or complaints. If they've had a giggle or a laugh after speaking with me on the phone it confirms that I've helped them successfully. It satisfies me to read comment's from clients who complete the survey after each call and email.


The most Satisfying thing about working on Help Desk for me is being able to help people. And that can be in a few different forms, such as;

Assisting people with listing their wonderful services that in turn help the people in the community, Assisting with getting an event online and/or assisting people looking for a particular service in times of need or struggle such as assistance with food during the pandemic.

Can you talk us through the process of helping someone on Help Desk?


- On the phone

  • It is important to listen very carefully to the client's enquiry, ask them to spell things if you can't and also talk and explain the process of helping them with their enquiry and make sure to ask if that's all they need help with?

- Responding to emails

  • Read the email and process what is required then respond accordingly, and don't close the case until the client responds.


Helping someone always starts with listening to them, understanding what it is they need and assisting to the best of my ability. This could be anything from updating their listing or adding another team member. This includes gaining the information needed to update the listing and updating it in the required area. Or asking for an email address to send an access invitation to the new team member they are wanting to add.

Further assistance is always offered if they are to ever become stuck at any point of need help with anything else, as that is what we 'The Help Desk' are here for and are always happy to do.