Tailored Diary Service

Tailored Diary Service

We’ll help you develop a tailored diary for your community.

Create Your Own Tailored Diary

Connect your community with local activities and events by providing a Tailored Community Diary of what is happening in your area.
We are constantly looking for ways to find out more information about what is available and happening in local communities so that people don’t miss out on what is on offer. That's why we have linked with various sources of event information, to share community and health events across the country in one place.
We encourage anyone listed on My Community Directory to list their events on My Community Diary for FREE. From community center open days to big cultural events, there has never been a better way to find out what is happening in your local community and join your community together!
As well as being a place to promote community events, the community can also add events to their own calendars and share events through various social media platforms.

Event Collection

You and your partners can be promote your events in one diary without creating a complicated mess. Regardless of if you use our API, use our spreadsheet import or publish your events via one of our integration partners, we can make it easy to know what's happening in the community.

Share Events with Everyone

Event details can accessed via our App, as a live calender in a users Outlook or online. Where events are linked to either a service or the facility listed in My Community Directory, a calendar view of upcoming events is displayed on their listings. Now you will know all the community and health services that will be in town next week!

Avoid the Pain

Organisations vetted to use My Community Directory can create events quickly and easily. No need to recheck each event and confirm that the organisation is an legitimate community event convenor.

Events Just for the Sector

Have events just for your community such as interagency meetings or training? No problem. An event can be restricted to either all logged in users, just staff of the organisation hosting the event or them and their network of partners.

Some of Our Custom Diaries

CheckUP Outreach Diary

Over 1,000,000 people used My Community Directory and My Community Diary in the last year so we really understand what it takes to make a diary successful. This is our core business and we are passionate about delivering a compelling solution to meet the needs of the community, government and the sector.

Leverage our understanding and our tools for your needs. We provide all the building blocks you need including:

  • Self-management of events
  • Protection of listed services from SPAM
  • Responsive websites which work anywhere, on any device
  • Advanced search with synonym and full text support
  • Comprehensive security and access controls
  • A modern API for integration and reporting purposes
  • Advanced statistics and data analytics
  • Integrated mapping and directions
  • Language translation services
  • Highly functional Apple iOS and Android apps
  • Advanced features for you and your community, ready and waiting to be taken advantage of

Would you like to find how we can help you? Contact our team today.