Why do you need Culture Competence Badges?

When people have faced discrimination, they are wary to trust again. They want to know that it is safe to do so. Having a Badge at your location entry, shows that your staff will welcome them, respect them and understand their needs. This is important because there are many occasions when a service specifically designed for them is not available and they need a service provider in a specific location or with particular expertise. MCD users will be able to search for locations that wear the Badge.

How do you get Culture Competence Badges?

Follow the Self-Assessment Tool process to decide if you are ready. Submit your response and once validated, the link to the Badge will be created.

About the Self-Assessment Tools

The Self-Assessment Tools guide you through a process of reflection to see how your knowledge, understanding of and attitudes towards the culture, history and concerns of people you work with, equip you to communicate and behave respectfully and contribute to their wellbeing. The Tool suggest ways you can demonstrate your readiness and provides you with resources and training to fill in the gaps.

Each Self-Assessment Tool has been developed with people from the community it represents. An expert from that community will validate your application to show that Badge.

How do you use the Tools?

  1. Consider each question and provide a short amount of evidence to show your knowledge and understanding. Examples of evidence suggest ways you could respond. It doesn’t need to be comprehensive. Choose one or two examples to show your competency.
  2. From your reflection, decide if your knowledge and understanding is sufficient for your work with this client. If you think that at this location, your organisation knows enough, click yes. If you think you need to know more, click no.
  3. Submit your answers. You don’t have to say “yes” for every question before you submit. Your application goes to a reviewer who is an expert from the community you wish to engage with.
  4. The reviewer will give you feedback. This could include suggestions for training or resources to view.
  5. Once your assessment has been validated, you will be given a link and will be able to download the Badge to show that you can provide services appropriate to that community at that location.

Who should complete the Tool?

At least one person in each location of an organisation can do the self-assessment and show the Badge because the quality of the service is determined by the way people think and behave at that location. The self assessment is attached to the person that compeltes the survey and if they move or transfer an noone else has compelted the survey the badge will no longer be shown on the location.

The person filling out the self-assessment tool can be anyone with a login. When the question says “Do you know”, this person answers about their own knowledge. Some questions ask more broadly about behavior of staff in general. If the applicant doesn’t know, they will need to find out by asking staff.

The Self-Assessment Tool was designed to create conversations and reflection, so it would be good to have staff discussions prior to completion to increase awareness and thoughtfulness about what it means to adapt a service to meet the needs of the person the Badge represents. Each tool can be downloaded for this purpose.