You’ll find an online calendar of health and community, services and events. The platform is used by consumers, carers, communities, and clinicians to find and share healthcare service information that is local to them.  

The Access My Healthcare platform brings together services that you can find close to your location whether they are there regularly or are just visiting. You decided how and when you want to access and use these services.  

The platform was established in 2021 and we’ve seen significant increases in the services that are listed and the searches that people are using. During the last 12 months, the Access My Healthcare:  

  • Supported eight Hospital and Health Services across Queensland to update and share information with consumers, carers, community, and clinicians across rural and regional regions. 

  • Supported multiple Aboriginal Medical Services to connect healthcare service information to those most at need.  

  • Continued to build our relationships and support statewide service providers who deliver healthcare in rural and regional Queensland.   

  • Delivered community workshops to understand local needs and how we can improve the experience with the platform. 

  • Travelled extensively throughout the region to over 30 rural and regional communities and engaging with community and healthcare staff.  

  • Promoted Access My Healthcare through regular online presentations and meetings with community and healthcare staff.  

We look forward to the challenges that 2022 will bring and how we can provide a connection and solution for platform users. If you have feedback or would like more information, please contact the Access My Healthcare team at