Event held on August 31

Day & Night Photography Course

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Event runs from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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In this fun and creative class, you'll learn to take beautiful photos under a range of lighting conditions, across sunshine and moonlight. You'll learn to master your camera's manual mode, to manage shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings, and to create artistic compositions. You'll practice on some of Brisbane's most photogenic locations, and get individual photo critiques to help you quickly hone your skills. Rain or shine, we'll be fine as we will be under cover or indoors for some locations. Your Adelaide teacher will be one of the following: Chloe Henderson, who specialises in Fashion Photography and styling, but also has experience in a range of forms such as architecture and urban genres. Chloe has been a professional photographer for the last 5+ years. Sam Roberts, who specialises in Studio and Location Advertising Photography & Videography, with a great love for the outdoors and cycling. His in-depth knowledge of Adelaide and beyond brings a unique spark to his teaching style. Sofia Calado, whose art practice uses photography, video, installation, performance and sculpture as a vehicle for exploring the self and society through the body. Entry Cost All tickets $170 - Save when you book for a group