Event held on September 07

Idyllic Visions - Master Series 7

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 7/09/2019


Some people are gifted with a profound inner peace, an assurance that all shall be well, however dark and dreadful the world around them becomes. During World War II, Ralph Vaughan Williams wrote a symphony of singular calm and solace. Close your eyes and be carried by the slow, steady chords of the heavenly Romanza – here you may rest deeply. A horn solo, soft but sure, awakens Brahms’ Second Piano Concerto. It’s symphonic in scope, with four movements and a notoriously challenging piano part, but Stephen Hough, with an inner calm of his own, reveals it as an intimate dialogue between soloist and orchestra: “a search for common ground where, as in life, the sun can shine brightest... and warmest.” Mark Wigglesworth - Conductor Stephen Hough - Piano Vaughan Williams - Symphony No.5 Brahms - Piano Concerto No.2 Entry Cost All tickets $35