Event held on January 29

Mindful Mandala Workshop

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Event runs from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM


Looking for a way to introduce some stillness and calm to your life? This mindful mandala class based in Adalaide will teach you how to unwind through creative expression using an ancient form of mediation. Whether you're stressed out from work or simply need a space to escape to enjoy some calming indoor activities with some like-minded people, this workshop will be your haven for relaxation and meditation. During this in-person art class, you will learn how to express your thoughts and feelings through art and become more mindful of yourself as you draw a hypnotic mandala. You will also learn all about the wonderful ways in which this spiritual form of art can benefit your day to day life. Together, we will start from a blank sheet with a dot in the middle and from that same point we will start to create something so individual it will become a representation of our inner selves. Entry Cost All tickets $75