Event held on December 14

Shooting Star Soirée

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Daily, until 15/12/2021


The Geminid — one of the most prolific meteor showers in the solar system — is back on 14th December 2021. With our big open spaces and minimal light pollution, Spring Bay Mill is the perfect place to see them light up the sky. Talks with Richard Grudzien from the Astronomical Society of Tasmania and starry-sky poetry from Pradyumna Kummamuru. A two-course dinner in our award-winning Banksia Room, followed by late-night snacks and drinks served under the (shooting) stars. We’ll have scientists on hand helping guests follow (up to 120!) meteors as they shower through space. The biggest event on the Astro-tourism calendar, Tuesday 14th-15th December. Visit our website for more information. Book and stay over with us in one of our cosy eco accommodations!