Event held on May 29

Craft Lab Artist Talk - A lifetime of clay

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Growing up as a second generation maker in a household where the most influential Australian craftspeople, artists and architects were part of the daily landscape and at a time when the crafts were becoming a powerful force in Australian culture, the last sixty-two years has given Damon Moon plenty to think about. As one of the countries leading commentators and writers on contemporary and historical ceramics, and as a maker whose own practice spans art, industry and design, Damon has witnessed a breadth of Australian ceramics few can hope to match. With a PhD in art history and work held in important national collections, Damon is currently represented in Sixty, the Australian Design Centre’s touring exhibition as well as having contributed the major catalogue essay on the history of the publication of the Journal of Australian ceramics His work is also featured in Clay Dynasty, the landmark survey of Australian ceramics now on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Come and hear Damon share some of his thoughts on the development of Australian ceramics through the prism of his own work and observations of key moments and practitioners that have shaped Australian clay.