Event held on June 11

Jewellery Wax Workshop

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
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Join jeweller and object maker Sylvia Nevistic in her Ballarat studio to learn the ancient jewellery making technique of lost wax casting. This workshop is suitable for the absolute beginner or intermediate jeweller who hasn’t ventured into wax work. The comprehensive workshop runs over two Saturday sessions with a week break in-between to allow for casting. You will learn how to carve hard wax and manipulate soft wax to create rings and other jewellery items. A simple silicon moulding technique will be demonstrated which is great for replicating shapes in wax, how to embed gemstones directly into the wax and casting natural objects such as flowers, leaves and seed pods will be covered. All materials, resource notes, enough silver for a ring, and one casting fee are included in the cost of the workshop. Sylvia has taught many people this technique that have gone on to start their own jewellery making businesses selling online or through markets. The beauty of wax work is that you don’t need too many tools to get started, which is perfect for someone who wants to learn some jewellery making techniques without the financial outlay. Please visit Sylvia's website for actual dates and times for the workshop and to make your booking. Limited tickets, book now. Entry Cost All tickets $450 - Tuition fee includes all tools and materials including one casting fee and silver up to 15 grams.