Event held on May 23

Journey to the Southern Cross 2: What lies beneath

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Tales from Rat City is thrilled to present part 2 of their roleplaying theatrical adventure, in the tradition of Critical Role, Dragon Friends and the Black Dice Society, set in the wild years of Ballarat's 1850s and the Eureka Rebellion! This year, the story takes a darker turn as their band of misfits must aid a woman in distress, find a young boy gone missing, confront deadly bushrangers and solve the terrifying mystery of what lies beneath! The theatrical event features the team of actors playing a roleplaying game, improvising their characters and story around a story set in the turbulent 1850s of Ballarat, with their success and failure determined by the role of the dice! Entry Cost All tickets $5 - Our event features $10 tickets for watching in theatre $5 for watching via livestream