Event held on August 10


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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Daily, until 11/09/2022


Neverlasting is a photographic exhibition from Ballarat fine art photographer, Ian Kemp. The artist embraces nature as a metaphor for this concept. Seasons, the lifespan of a flower, the tangled confusion of nature running wild and untamed, are all expressed in his images. So is the strength and fragility in his depiction of nature in the works. The images are about beauty, but it is beauty in a changing world where beauty is ephemeral and temporary. The work in this collection shows a progression in his experimentation with how the medium impacts on the meaning of the images and the viewer. The brushed matte aluminium surfaces gently reflect light to add depth and atmosphere to the works and depending on where you are standing, will emphasise different elements within the landscape. In the photogravure prints, he is utilising the tonal and textural properties of etching and the traditional printing process to imbue these works with an otherworldliness. Those familiar with his work will also see a continuation of his fascination with blurring the boundaries between photography and other art forms. You can feel the energy within - you can sense the impending change that will come with the change of seasons - and this becomes the metaphor for the changes within ourselves as we progress through our lives.