Event held on May 10

Out of the darkness: A survivor's journey

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 1/08/2021


Out of the darkness: A survivor’s journey is an exhibition of works collected, commissioned and curated by Robert House, a survivor of child sexual abuse. The memories of House’s childhood experiences have continued to haunt him and affect his mental wellbeing, but he has employed determination and resilience to become an advocate for survivors, and work towards a more just society. House has developed a passion for art, becoming convinced of its ability to represent the complexity of the trauma and other emotions experienced by survivors. He has commissioned, collected and created art, building a unique collection of works that reveal the journey of our society as it comes to terms with this shocking history. His collection reflects his personal journey, carrying the message that the voices of survivors should be heard and responded to with compassion and understanding. The exhibition tackles the issues of the trauma experienced by survivors of child sexual abuse and the need for compassion and support within the community for people dealing with the consequences. It shows how art can be used both as a way of processing trauma and as a form of protest against injustice. Out of the darkness includes works by Peter Daverington, John Forrest, Doug Heslop, Kaff-eine, Scott Marsh, James Money, Sassy Park, Michael Peck, Glen Pierce, Rodney Pople and Marcus Wills.