Event held on July 25

Through A Strange Lens - An Electronic Weimer Cabaret in Yiddish

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Daily, until 25/07/2021


Yiddish theatre is making a spectacular return to Melbourne with the premiere on Wednesday 21 July of Durkh a Modnem Gloz/Through A Strange Lens, the story of love, loss and triumph through the eyes of Yiddish-speaking women. Durkh a Modnem Gloz sets an electronic score to lyrics based on Yiddish poetry written by women over the past 100 years. It is the brainchild of world-renowned composer Josh Abrahams (Addicted To Bass, Moulin Rouge) and writer/performer Galit Klas (The Ghetto Cabaret). Think Laurie Anderson, Marlene Dietrich and Kraftwerk, all in Yiddish. With dreamy, cinematic, robotic techno and Eurodance style tunes, this electro-opera tells the story of one woman’s experience of love and sex. When love fails her, she draws on the experiences of other troubled women throughout history to find her strength.