Event held on February 20

Straw Passive Solar Home, Wetland and Permaculture Farm Tour

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Event runs from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM


Join Mara for a tour and chat about all things as they relate to passive solar design and building with straw. Mara's home is a LightEarth build that used formwork around a stud frame to create walls of straw. You will take a guided tour of our home to see the north-facing greenhouse, double glazed tilt and turn windows, the yoghurt making cupboard, larder with underground cooling vent and surrounding garden designed to create a cool microclimate. You will visit the wetland, the emerging olive orchard, the beginnings of a native wildflower meadow, berry and fruit orchards, a reed bed water treatment system and ORTO Kitchen-garden. Renter, owner or owner to be, come and harvest ideas from Mara and share in her learnings. Culminating in refreshments. Mara looks forward to meeting you.