Event held on December 10

Hometown: Alice Skye

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM


Alice Skye will join the Always Live lineup as the headline act of the program’s second Hometown concert- a new regional First Nations concert series. Alice says; "Returning home to play at this venue is going to be beautiful, it is wild to think that I saw Spiderbait play there when I was a kid, and as a teen I ran across that stage with my friends, pretending to perform. Now I am coming home with my band and it will be so special, especially being alongside Barengi Gadjin Wimmera River." Presented by Always Live, Live Nation, Songlines and Australian Music Vault, Hometown: Alice Skye, will take place at Horsham’s Sawyer Park Sound Shell and is a free event - enabling regional music fans to enjoy a series of incredible First Nation’s talent, and celebrate a rich Victorian music culture.