Event held on November 29

Moments of Being and Everything in Between - Lynka Solo Exhibition

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 6/12/2021


Moments of Being and Everything in Between, is a culmination of being present throughout the last couple years, appreciating what we have and sometimes just not coping at all. Every moment has its place in our lives whether we welcome it or not; this collection of works documents their significance. Lynka, creates abstract-figurative work largely focused on Her - mind, body and identity. Working predominantly with acrylics, she seeks to explore a woman’s relationship with herself, others and ultimately her place in this unpredictable world. Through simplified forms and complex lines, her work examines the transformative and sometimes volatile parallels between the rational and irrational. Drawn to the ambiguous and the obscure, and Lynka finds that working in abstraction facilitates freedom, allowing her to explore beyond the acutely obvious or logical, allowing the viewers to delve into the work and find their own emotional connections and associations.