Event held on July 24

Dry but Wet Discovery Series

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Event runs from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Monthly on the fourth Sunday, until 23/10/2022


Join your non-alcoholic drinks expert, Dry but Wet, for a monthly taste exploration across seven exciting alcohol free categories. A leisurely Sunday session where they introduce you to the best non-alcoholic drinks on the market. Discover your new favourites you didn't even know existed. Each month, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, they will take a deep dive into one of the exciting and ever expanding non-alcoholic drinks categories. Together you will taste and experience the best offerings from each category and meet some of the faces behind the brands. You can take your pick; not into wine? Come for the Craft Beer tasting, or the spirit tasting, or both. Obsessed with all things non-alcoholic? Buy a series pass (at a discounted rate) and come to them all. Located in the glorious Victoria Hotel Footscray, who are leading the way with non-alcoholic menus, this will be a relaxed, intimate, educational and alcohol free version of the tasting experiences you know and love. Come and get a taste of what’s leading the way and tasting the best in the exciting world of non-alcoholic beverages.