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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 18/09/2022


Lucy hasn’t been home in a while. But she's quit her job, dumped her boyfriend, and turned up on her adoptive parents' doorstep needing somewhere to crash. George and Shirley don't know what to do with their daughter. She's depressed, she's a mess, and she's stumbled across an old cardboard box that was once full of childhood memories but is now completely empty. Lucy and her parents haven’t always seen eye to eye on everything, but when a K-Pop star mysteriously wanders into their lives and starts asking destabilising questions about her Korean roots, new fault lines are exposed in the family unit that become impossible to hide. This offbeat comedy from Ra Chapman (Malthouse Artist in Residence) and starring Maude Davey (Melancholia, The Lockdown Monologues), Syd Brisbane (Because The Night), and newcomers Susanna Qian and Jeffrey Liu (JËVA), K-BOX brings humour, guts and hard truths to the suburban family dinner table. Entry Cost All tickets $45