Event held on August 30

NGV Relaxed Evening: Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real

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Event runs from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM


Relaxed Sessions at NGV welcome visitors who would benefit from a quieter Gallery experience with fewer people and reduced sensory stimuli. This may include people with autism, disability, mental health or chronic illness conditions. All ages are welcome. This children’s exhibition is colourful, immersive and features multimedia interactives that include moving image and sound. For the Relaxed Sessions, all music will be turned down and the light show featuring flashing colourful lights will be turned off. Please see the Sensory Map for further information. In Making Art: Imagine Everything Is Real, discover the way european artists lived and worked in Paris in the early twentieth century and their innovative and experimental approaches to making art. Children can make their own surprising works when they explore collage techniques, write poetry and play surrealist games and turn everyday materials into large-scale sculptures.