Event held on July 07

Pigments of the Past Workshop

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 12:40 PM


The Hellenic Museum's popular school holiday workshop returns for winter! Have you ever wondered how ancient people coloured their world before the invention of modern oil, watercolour or acrylic paints? Join them in this workshop to explore painted artefacts at the Hellenic Museum and discover the science behind how ancient Greeks ground, mixed and distilled paints and dyes from a variety of natural materials like saffron, lapis lazuli and sandstone! Together you will touch, smell and observe these ingredients and experiment making our own ancient egg tempera paints that were used to create murals in Mycenaean Greece, ancient Egypt, Babylonia and China. Then, use your freshly mixed paints to create a mural of your own. Ideal for young explorers aged 7–13. Entry Cost Child $19 - Child – $19 plus booking fee