Event held on August 20

Pigments of the Past – Adult Masterclass

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Event runs from 1:50 PM to 4:00 PM


How did ancient artisans and craftsmen colour their world before the invention of modern paints? Join a Hellenic Museum Curator and Materials Conservation practitioner in this hands-on discovery of pigments throughout the past. Workshop participants will receive a curator's highlight tour of painted artefacts housed at the Museum; a primer on the theory and history of pigment with an emphasis on ancient Greece; touch and mix common pigment ingredients; experiment with the traditional recipe for egg tempera; examine painting motifs on real and replica artefacts, and practice painting these using acrylic on individual ceramic pots which can be taken home after the workshop. All materials, aprons, water and tea station provided. Recommended for ages 16 and above due to the level of subject matter. Entry Cost Adult $55