Event held on November 30

Tales from the Greek: Myth, Beauty & Brutality

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Event runs from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 4/12/2021


Tales from the Greek is a new exhibition and book launch by award winning international artist Marco Luccio who has once again united with award winning and Miles Franklin shortlisted author John Hughes. The artwork is an extensive and imaginative response to a collection of ten narrative adaptations of Greek tragedies written by Hughes. Some of the stories remain set in ancient Greece, while others provide a more modern context for the adaptation. Luccio has responded to these stories with a series of dramatic and gritty artworks. Using a variety of mediums, he has created a suite of works that brings the text to life in a powerful and memorable way. With Tales from the Greek, Luccio’s artworks are at once compelling and confronting. They invite instant reaction and attention. When charcoal is employed, the images are filled with classical and sculptural chiaroscuro. But when etchings are the chosen medium, the works are filled with the signature Luccio style of energetic mark making often described as honest, direct and instantly recognisable. These new works by Luccio will surprise and delight visitors to the show who will be greeted with a rich and powerful exhibition created by an artist who has always been interested in the classical world whilst remaining relevant and contemporary with his practice.