Event held on May 17

Hamilton Million Paws Walk: Walk This May

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Event runs from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM


As a result of ongoing developments concerning COVID-19, we will no longer be able to hold the public event, but don’t put away your activewear just yet! We’re excited to launch ‘Million Paws Walk: Walk This May’ – your fun excuse to (responsibly) walk your dog and raise money for animals in need. While social distancing is a national priority, our dogs still need enrichment and exercise. We’re asking supporters to safely take their dogs for a walk in their neighbourhood or backyard and keep raising funds along the way. And funnily enough, the average length of a standard dog lead is 1.8 metres – which is a pretty good indication of a safe distance between you and other people! We’re asking those who purchased tickets to allow us to transfer your tickets to a tax-deductible donation. However, we understand if you’d prefer the cost of your ticket to be refunded – in this case, please reach out to our Million Paws Walk Team by emailing [email protected]