Event held on May 15

Native Bee Masterclass: Build a Bee Hotel

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Event runs from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM


Did you know that Australia is home to over 1,700 bee species? Our buzzing buddies are an integral part of our biodiversity, playing a vital role in pollinating our plants.  In this Native Bee Masterclass: Build a Bee Hotel workshop they will dive into their world by building biodiversity and sustainability in your backyard, learning all about native bees, their important role in pollination and how to create a bee haven. You will get the low down on Australia’s native bees, how to identify them, the co-evolution of bees with flowering plants, nesting behaviours, buzz pollination and blue-banded bees, creating a bee-friendly habitat, increasing insect biodiversity and the plight of the commercial honeybee population, as well as getting your hands dirty building a bee hotel out of recycled and suitable nest materials. After building the AirBee and Bee’s you will create bee bombs for your garden, chock full of seeds they love.       Save the bees! Entry Cost All tickets $90 - Save when you book for a group