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Welcome to My Community Diary

My Community Diary is the one place Australians find quality community event information. If you want to know “what's on in my community” we can help you.
To find events near you, discover upcoming events, or to search for for events by type, My Community Diary is the one place to search.

Looking for something to do?
Find an event near you!
  • Discover new activities and find what's on in your local community
  • Join clubs and groups, meet new people, learn new skills
  • Get involved, connect with others, and find your 'people'
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3 Million + people search across our platforms looking for local information
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Search for events, clubs, groups and activities in your local area
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How to add an event to My Community Diary

To create an event on My Community Diary, your organisation or community group will first need to be registered on My Community Directory. Click the button below to get started with your free listing.

Partner with us in your local community
  • My Community Directory+Diary is a one stop solution for Councils, Local Government & Organisations
  • The information platforms deliver significant savings by centralising the management of data and reducing duplication
  • We can create custom solutions to meet the needs of each local community
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