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Blueprint traces the steps Australians have taken to build a system that works for us. A voting ballot box designed to be carried 500km on the back of a camel. A ball gown hand-sewn to celebrate the peaceful achievement of Federation. A boomerang-shaped petition calling for constitutional recognition in 2013. These objects speak to what makes Australia’s democracy so, well… Australian. An immersive digital installation by Walkley award winning journalist, director and film maker Patrick Abboud invites you to listen to voices we seldom hear, in places we rarely see. From an 11-year-old aspiring prime minister to Australia's first female Muslim stand-up comedian, from remote Western Australia to the Torres Strait, these five personal stories explore the ways democracy plays out in the lives of everyday Australians. This exhibition offers several hands-on experiences for all ages: test your right to vote throughout history, check your democracy facts, have your say fridge magnet style and explore democracy as a three dimensional sculpture (it might make you laugh!) This exhibition features new and interactive ways to get all ages engaged and excited about our democracy.