Event held on July 08

My Greece Exhibition

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Event runs from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Daily, until 21/08/2022


The title of the exhibition, My Greece is intended to show how much of my creative life is entwined with Greece. My History of Art lecturer at Art School through his enthusiasm for Ancient Greece instilled in me the desire to visit Greece, which I did in 1965. After my time in Athens, I visited the island, Leros. This was the start of a long creative relationship with the Island and Greece. I have lived and worked in Greece for long periods and in 2007 I set up a printmaking studio on Leros and some of the works in the exhibition were created there. This is a survey of my Greek linocuts from 1995 to 2022. My aim with these prints was to create both a sense of place and also the technical challenge of using layer upon layer of colour in my work rather than the usual black and white that many associate with linocuts. Many of the prints are of Leros and also Athens and other Greek sites. Moving to Canberra in 1992 and coming upon the printmaking studio, “Studio One” was really the genesis of these works.