Event held on October 23

Start the New Year on a positive note with Tai Chi

Provided by: Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia ACT Branch

Event runs from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Every 30 weeks on Wednesday, Thursday
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Start the New Year on a positive note with Tai Chi

Are you wanting to make a positive start to the New Year in 2023? To do something that calms and clears the mind, so you are ready to handle any daily challenges? And that gives you a powerful, health-giving workout for body and mind?

The ancient art of tai chi involves a sequence of slow continuous movements which improve balance, flexibility, and well-being.  Tai chi works as a moving meditation that helps body and mind to become supple and strong.

New tai chi sessions are starting at various venues in February in the ACT.

These sessions are designed for brand new beginners. They are offered by the Taoist Tai Chi Society, a not-for-profit, charitable and volunteer organisation founded by Master Moy Lin Shin. The Society has over 50 years’ experience in making tai chi available in 25 countries around the world.

Start on a positive path for 2023, register today for an introductory session by visiting www.taoisttaichi.org or for further information contact Cherryl on 0427 734 271 or email act@taoisttaichi.org.