Event held on September 30

The Comedy of Errors

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Event runs from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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Far-fetched coincidences and chaotic hilarity. Shipwrecked and separated 33 years earlier, two sets of long-lost twins miraculously find themselves in the same city on the same day. What could possibly go wrong? The Comedy of Errors is a hilarious romp of swapped identities, misguided love, mistaken imprisonment and chaotic mishaps, leading to an unbelievably crazy day for bumbling twins. At the heart of this tale of comedic misfortune is an old man searching for his lost children. He finds himself in a hostile land, in the fight of his life... to save his life. As far-fetched coincidences unfold, chaotic hilarity ensues and a man’s life could be saved — if only everything would go to plan. Directed by longtime Bell Shakespeare collaborator Janine Watson, this is a beautiful story about reunion, wrapped up in an evening of entertainment and laughter. Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (including 20 min interval) Entry Cost All tickets $38 - Adult Premium: $98 Adult A-reserve: $78 Concession Premium: $83 Concession A-Reserve: $68 Under 18/Under 30* Premium: $48 Under 18/Under 30* A-reserve: $45