Event held on July 24

Point of No Return

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 8:55 PM


The Point Puer Boys’ Prison is located on a peninsula next to Port Arthur prison in Tasmania. Established in 1834, it was the first of its kind for the British Empire and an experiment that aimed to rehabilitate young offenders. On opening, there were 68 boys aged from 10–20. Point of No Return by Alaine Beek centres on a group of young convicts transported to Point Puer. The group face terrible hardship and strive to find hope for a future beyond the horrors of prison life. The leader of the group cleverly protects his gang and fights to keep them together. Their guard, Hawkins, has the difficult task of keeping them under control yet secretly protecting them from other guards who are playing their own brutal game. A lost piece of history. Fascinating - unforgettable. Entry Cost Adult $36 Member $28 Concession $30 Group $30 - Group of four or more