Event held on February 06

Couture Beading and Embellishment Beginners Course

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM


This is a unique opportunity to learn Couture beading and embellishment with Couture dress designer Charlotte Appleby in Sydney! This two-day course gives an in-depth approach to tambour beading and couture embellishments practised in the Couture houses of Paris today. It will cover the tambour beading technique using silk organza, seed beads and bugle beads to cover the basic chain stitch and a vermicelli design. The second day will cover couture embellishments including ribbonwork, three-dimensional beadwork and flowers. Course outline: Day one: - Learn how to create a solid framework for beading using silk organza on a rotating frame. This technique can be applied to larger frames to bead panels for a garment. - The main focus is on the basic chain stitch using a tambour hook correctly set up for silk organza. Learn how to create a secure knot and change direction. - Seed beads and bugle beads are used to start tambour beading with a variety of techniques including vermicelli. Entry Cost All tickets $350 - Save when you book for a group