Event held on January 21

Natural Jelly Flower Art Lipstick Making Class

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Event runs from 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM
Weekly on Thursday, until 21/01/2021


Are you a beauty enthusiast who loves exploring natural products? Come and learn how to make your own gorgeous DIY jelly lipsticks using mountain florals in this Blue Mountains class! This special natural art in lipstick making originated from Japan using anthocyanidins that can be naturally found in all plants. Anthocyanidins are common plant pigments, the sugar-free counterparts of anthocyanins and generally change colour from red through to purple, blue and bluish green as a function of pH. Using the power of Anthocyanins, which are found abundantly in plants, you will be making two of your own flower jelly lipsticks (pink and rose red) during the class. Your friendly teacher Kathryn will guide you through the entire relaxing process. All dried flowers used are from the mountains and anthocyanidins extracted from plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables are made in Japan. No chemicals or preservatives are involved. At the end of the class, you will take home your two natural homemade lipsticks to admire and put to use! Entry Cost All tickets $125