Event held on July 16

Silent Retreat

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Event runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Daily, until 17/07/2022


A silent retreat is an opportunity to experience the deep silence removed from outside noise, other people, screens and the chatter of their conscious mind. They can offer you a guided meditation or you’re welcome to undertake your own or use their resources to guide you. A yoga mat is provided. If you wish to incorporate this you can undertake your own session or utilise their books/videos to guide you. Included in your program is an optional breathwork session that can help you release bodily what has surfaced in you through the mind or feelings during your stay. Energetic healing is also optional as is the opportunity to have spiritual counselling or a debrief at the end of each day. Their Labyrinth activity offers a means of ritually letting go of that which no longer serves you. Mindfulness colouring, drawing sacred geometry and journal exercises are available for those wanting to incorporate creativity and movement into their retreat. They also offer a wealth of self-reflection activities where you can muse on themes such as relationships, your upbringing, life purpose, the foundations of wellbeing, spiritual development and many other areas. Workbooks with journalling questions are provided for this. Whether you’re seeking balance, relaxation, spiritual renewal, greater self-understanding or simplicity, you dictate the pace of your silent retreat. Entry Cost All tickets $540 - Tickets can be purchased via the website *Book a midweek program and save AUD50