Event held on April 18

Candle Making Workshop

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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In this fun, two-hour workshop you will learn how to make vegan soy wax candles in glass containers and tea light cups. This introduction to the art of candle making will teach you all the basics of making your very own candles at home. This workshop is completely beginner-friendly and perfect for those who love candles and want to learn how to make their own gorgeous DIY versions. During the workshop, we will cover: - Introduction to candle making - Equipment and tools - Wax types and uses - Wicks and wick holders - Fragrances - Candle care and safety You will leave the workshop with: - Sound knowledge and understanding of candle making - Knowledge of the correct tools and equipment used to create candles - Beautifully scented candles! No harmful or toxic chemicals are used in this candle making process and children above 10 are welcome to join. Entry Cost All tickets $99