Event held on July 15

Milk & Honey & Lemons: Active

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Event runs from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Daily, until 24/07/2021


Milk and Honey and Lemons is a new hybrid audio/live performance work created by Zimbabwean/ Australian inter-disciplinary artist, Moreblessing Maturure. It takes us into a home nestled in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. The scents of grandma’s recipes spill into arguments over home country politics, drowning out the new-gen’s new-age sounds. A picture of modern migration, it invites us to reckon with the art of survival practiced on our street corners, school yards and in our minds. All through the eyes of a boy. In a hoodie. Of African Appearance. From a boy to nineteen, being grown is pretty full on. It means a lotta things, top of the list: graduating from goon to AUD7 red wine. This cocktail of naivety and wisdom from Boy, who’s seen it all, invites us in with one breath and with the next, shuts us out. Throughout history, we’ve witnessed the Black body repeatedly denied authorship in the narrative of its existence. What does it mean to come of age when the world has been taught to fear what you’re becoming? In this one-man show, this question leaps out from the theoretical into the lived. This work engages the themes of mental illness, suicide, racism and Queerphobia. These incidents aren’t staged but as the work explores the impacts of these themes, audiences may find some elements triggering. Entry Cost Adult $20 Concession $10