Event held on April 15

Bakery Hill - An Australian Rebellion

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Event runs from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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Australia, 1854 The Goldrush is at the height of its popularity and a tidal wave of humanity from every creed, class and country has been swept up and washed upon the shores of this strange and distant land. The Government struggles to maintain control and order but as thousands of hopeful men and women abandon essential posts and positions, the strain and turmoil of gold fever threatens to bring a new and fragile colony to its knees. When young, Australian-born digger William Quinlan arrives on the Victorian Goldfields full of hope and promise, he enters a world more complicated and dangerous than he could ever have imagined. Caught in an ever-escalating conflict between oppressive government forces and revolutionary ideologues, William along with so many others will learn the real cost of gold and the true value of freedom. As stockades rise and diggers fall it will lead every individual to question what they are prepared to gain and what they are prepared to lose? Relive history in this dramatic and personal retelling of the people caught in the maelstrom of one of the most influential events in Australia’s modern history. Entry Cost Adult $45 Concession $35 Group $40 - Group Bookings of 10+